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Body Corporate Blinds Online

Have you recently bought an apartment or property with a Body Corporate covenant that says the blinds facing out must be a certain colour? That really limits the interior decorative colour.  Until now!

Our Body Corporate blinds online come in a choice of three backing colours to appease your body corporate rules.  Choose the internal colour from our extensive colour card to match your paint or your interior, it’s that simple. Don’t be stuck with the colours you think you’ve got to go with, choose your optimal colour, complying with the Body Corporate too.


Blinds U Measure is using the Dulux colour range, as published by Dulux online 01/10/19 as a colour guide only. Blinds U Measure is not promoting or claiming our colours to be Dulux colours, Blinds U Measure is not promoting or claiming our colours are Dulux product. Not in anyway is Blinds U Measure associated with the Dulux Corporation or vice versa . Products on this site are purely the manufacture and output of Blinds U Measure with colours offered at your choice to complement the interior range of Dulux paint (or any other brand) you may have in your home. Our colours are to complement the range and are not an exact replica. The blinds are on a textile and will appear different to painted walls. If in doubt we urge you to order a sample from us. Our blinds are made in Melbourne, Australia from local and imported product. We have at least and more than 50% of Australian content in our products.

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